What is the best digital art app for Android devices?


Android devices are great for creating digital art on-the-go. To get the best results, picking the right app is key. Here, we’ll look at some of the top Android digital art apps and their features.

Digital art tools have become more popular, so apps like Adobe Fresco, Sketchbook, ArtFlow, and Infinite Painter have been created. These apps have customizable brushes, layers, and colors, plus perspective grids, symmetry tools, and image importing capabilities. Adobe Fresco stands out due to its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud library and syncing across multiple platforms. It also has over 1000 brushes, and access to a vast Photoshop brush library.

The digital art market is growing rapidly, and is estimated to reach $8 billion by 2025 (MarketsandMarkets Research Private). So, make sure you pick the best digital art app for Android devices – your digital artworks depend on it!

Criteria for selecting the best digital art app for Android devices

Are you an artist who craves creativity on your Android? Selecting the best digital art app can be daunting. However, several criteria can help you make the right choice!

Compatibility: It must work with your device’s software and hardware.

Features: Look for brushes, layers, colors, and tools that let you customize your creations.

User Interface: Make sure it’s self-explanatory and simple to use, even for beginners.

Stability: It should never crash or freeze while you’re using it.

Other criteria include pricing strategy, customer support, and reviews. Digital art apps allow you to experiment and create unique pieces of artwork. Plus, some apps use machine learning to generate new art based on existing ones!

A recent Statista survey revealed Procreate Pocket by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd was one of the most downloaded paid mobile apps in February 2021. So why settle for a mediocrity when you can have a feature-filled app to unleash your Android creativity?

Features to consider while selecting the best digital art app for Android devices

In selecting the ideal digital art app for Android devices, various factors must be taken into account. A few of these include ease of use, price, functionality, features and multimedia support.

Factor Description
Price Determine whether it is a free or paid app and if the price is worth it.
Functionality Check for drawing tools available, layer management, filters, and customization options.
Features Confirm if the app provides multiple export options, undo/redo feature and canvas size options.
Multimedia Support Check for image and video importing options and compatibility with different file types.
Ease of Use Check for user reviews and comments on the App’s functionality and ease of use.

Apart from these factors, it is also important to check for an app’s compatibility with your device and if it is up-to-date with the latest version of your operating system.

Digital art has come a long way since the earliest versions. Back in the day, it wasn’t common for artists to use digital methods, as computers were not equipped to handle large amounts of data at the time. However, with the advancement of technology, digital art has steadily gained popularity, leading to the development of numerous digital art and graphics apps over the years.

Finally, an app that won’t leave your Android device feeling rejected and incompatible like your ex.

Compatibility with Android devices

Compatibility is critical when picking a digital art app for your Android device. Ensure the app supports your Android version and any hardware specs or configs it needs. Technical requirements are also key. Check for high-end processing power, memory, and storage space needs.

Customizable features of digital art apps for Android should also be factored in. Color schemes, brush styles, layers, undo/redo options, image exporting, and typography tools can all be tailored to individual preferences.

To find the best digital art app, research user ratings and reviews, factor in any additional costs, and try out free trial versions. Then you’ll find the perfect app that works seamlessly with your Android device.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Creating art on an Android device requires a handy digital art app. Thus, user interface and ease of use must be considered when selecting the best app. Procreate, for example, has an intuitive menu bar which simplifies navigation for newbies. But, Adobe Illustrator is complex and difficult to use for beginners. Artflow, however, is simple yet comprehensive.

User interface isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s also important to check if the app is compatible with Android devices. This would enable the artist to use features only available on mobile devices, such as styluses or touchscreens.

Additionally, offline capabilities are useful for when internet access is poor or unavailable. This ensures artists can continue their work without interruptions.

In conclusion, choose a digital art app with an intuitive user interface, compatible with Android devices, and offers offline capabilities. Make sure it also offers high-quality tools for an ideal creative flow.

Variety and Quality of Tools

To be considered the best, a digital art app must have both a wide range and top-notch quality of tools. It should offer basic sketching and drawing capabilities, as well as advanced features such as layering, blending, and effects. This makes creating art on Android devices easier.

The table below shows the various tools available for digital art apps. These include sketching tools, painting brushes, texturing and fill options, selection tools, erasers and correctors, and special effects or filters.

Tools Description
Sketching Rough lines or initial sketches
Painting Brushes Watercolor or oil paint
Texturing & Fills Gradients or patterns to add texture/backgrounds
Selection Tools Select parts of an image precisely
Erasers & Correctors Clean up sketches or undo/redo
Special Effects/Filters Manipulate layers with blending modes

The app should also perform well on modern devices and allow users to save artwork in different file formats without compromising quality. Some apps may have additional features, but all of these are essential.

According to TechRadar’s May 2021 research, AntWorkshop Ltd. is home to the best free Android apps. You can share your digital art with the world, or keep it hidden like a goblin in a cave; these exporting and sharing options make it possible.

Exporting and Sharing Options

When it comes to digital art, different apps offer unique features. Let’s take a look at some options that could help you choose the right app.

Check out this table for exporting and sharing options available on Android digital art apps:

App Name Export Formats Sharing Options
Procreate Pocket PNG, JPEG, PSD, PDF Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox
Autodesk Sketchbook PNG, JPEG, PSD Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
ibisPaint X PNG, JPEG, MP4 (time-lapse) YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook PNG, JPEG Email

Some apps offer more export formats than others. Some have specific sharing options that may fit your audience or social media platforms better. Evaluate the features you need before you decide.

Autodesk Sketchbook offers a time-lapse feature – great for sharing your process with followers. Consider these unique features when selecting your ideal digital art app. Don’t miss out on finding an app with all the features you need to create and share your artwork.

Start exploring today! Unleash your inner artist with these top 5 digital art apps for Android.

Top 5 Best Digital Art Apps for Android devices

Paragraph 1: Android devices offer a wide range of digital art apps to choose from, each with unique features. To help you choose the best app, we have listed the top 5 digital art apps available for Android devices.

Paragraph 2:

  • SketchBook: A professional-grade tool with a customizable interface.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw: Perfect for vector art and graphic design.
  • ArtFlow: A versatile app that offers a wide range of brushes and tools.
  • Infinite Painter: Offers realistic digital painting experience with a unique brush engine.
  • MediBang Paint: A great app for creating manga and comic art.

Paragraph 3: The top 5 digital art apps for Android include a variety of features, such as customizable interfaces, unique brush engines, and vector graphic design capabilities. By choosing the right app for your needs, you can bring your creative vision to life.

Paragraph 4: SketchBook by Autodesk was used by Disney animators to create animated films like Frozen and Zootopia.
Get ready to draw outside the lines with Sketchbook – and by outside the lines, we mean all over your Android screen.


Procreate, the most versatile digital art app for Android, is perfect for pro and amateur artists alike. It has advanced brushes, color palettes, and layers, plus a customizable interface. The toolbar includes brush size adjustment, swapping colors, and texture importation. Plus, it has predictive strokes that smooth out curves in real-time.

It even has recording capabilities to explore new techniques, and time-lapse videos of artwork creation. Recently, an artist created a stunning piece with Procreate at an airport terminal– and it went viral on social media! This shows how digital art apps let you create wherever you go.


Procreate is an awesome app for digital art. It has an intuitive interface, customizable brushes, layers and effects to add texture, and high-resolution files. Plus, it offers custom brushes with properties like opacity and flow rate.

Here’s a quick look at Procreate’s features:

Procreate Features
Intuitive Interface Customizable Brushes
Layers & Effects High-Resolution Files
Streamlined Workflow User-Friendly Tools

For those seeking an alternative to Procreate, there are others like Adobe Illustrator Draw, Autodesk SketchBook, ArtFlow, and ibis Paint X. Each of these apps provides a range of tools and features for specific design needs. Or why not try Infinite Painter on your Android device?

Infinite Painter

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a standout digital art app. It’s advanced and full of features for painting and sketching on Android devices. A rich artistic experience awaits with tools, options, and seamless performance.

The user interface is friendly. It comes with an array of brushes, filters, layer blending modes, pattern textures, and perspective guides. It also imports PSD files.

This app offers a huge canvas that works in any screen size or resolution. Plus, 3D Touch support lets users create visuals with pressure sensitivity tech.

Tip for artists: Try layer masks with filters and blend modes to make unique art! Unleash your inner artist with Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the best digital art apps out there. With customizable brushes, layer management, and astounding quality, it’s perfect for vector art. Plus, you can import images to trace or incorporate into your work. It integrates with other Adobe apps, making sharing and exporting effortless.

Start your next project with Adobe Illustrator Draw and be amazed by what you can create!

ArtFlow, an Android app, lets you unleash creativity with just a few swipes and taps. Get ready for stunning art at your fingertips!


ArtFlow is the perfect choice for Android-based digital artists. It has a range of brushes, colors, and layering options. Plus, its user interface makes navigating easy. It supports pressure-sensitive styluses, too. You can export your work as layered PSD files!

This app also has options for customizing brush settings and creating effects. Calibrate pen pressure, tilt sensitivity, opacity curves, and more for ultimate control. And use the split-screen support feature for added productivity.

Start creating digital art on your Android device with ArtFlow!

Comparison of the Top 5 Best Digital Art Apps for Android devices

In this article, we’ll explore the best digital art apps available for Android devices. We’ll compare the top 5 options using a table that includes various important details such as price, supported file types, and available features. Keep reading to find out which app suits your needs the best!

App Name Price Supported File Types Available Features
Infinite Painter $9.99 JPEG, PNG, PSD Over 160 brushes, layer editing, symmetry tools, transform options…
Autodesk SketchBook Free JPEG, PNG, PSD Over 190 brushes, layer editing, rulers, transparency options…
ArtFlow Free JPEG, PNG, PSD Over 100 brushes, layer editing, pressure sensitivity, custom presets
ibis Paint X Free JPEG, PNG, MP4 Over 320 brushes, layer editing, blending modes, text tool…
MediBang Paint – Make Art Free JPEG, PNG, PSD, MDB Over 100 brushes, layer editing, cloud saving, comic panel tool…

While all of the above-mentioned apps are great for digital art, you should choose the one that matches your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for an app with a lot of brushes, ibis Paint X might be the best option. On the other hand, if you need the app to have cloud saving, MediBang Paint might be the one for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your digital art skills to the next level with these amazing apps. Download one today and start creating!

Stay within budget while unleashing your inner Picasso with these wallet-friendly digital art apps for Android.


Let’s look at the cost of the best 5 Digital Art apps for Android devices. Here’s a table with the pricing info, accurate as of [date]:

App Name Price
App 1 $X.XX
App 2 $X.XX
App 3 $X.XX
App 4 Free
App 5 Free with in-app purchases

Keep in mind – there may be extra in-app purchases to access all features.

Apart from cost, there are other factors to consider like user-friendliness, multi-device compatibility, and tutorials/resources to develop artistic skills.

According to a study by [source name], digital art creation has become much more popular in the last 10 years due to tech advancements and mobile device convenience.

Tapp into your inner Picasso with these awesome digital art apps for Android- no paintbrush necessary!

Key Features

Love/hate relationship alert! Looking for the best digital art apps on Android? Check out the features of our top 5 picks:

Key Features App 1 App 2 App 3 App 4 App 5
Brush Types 100+ brushes with customization 50+ brushes w/ pressure control Variety of brushes w/ opacity/size settings Tilt support & texture options 190+ customizable presets
Layer Management Multi-layer support w/ blending & transformations Unlimited layers w/ group & opacity control Easy to arrange & merge layers iPad-inspired layer system Clipping masks & advanced layer management
Color Palettes Pre-made palettes or create your own from photos/web Customizable palettes w/ hue/saturation adjustments Color wheel & preset palettes Cmyk, rgb, cie-lab color formats & swatches Adjustable color gamut between warm/cool colors
Export Formats Png/jpeg images & PSD files compatible w/ Adobe Photoshop Png, jpg, psd file exports & Adobe Creative Cloud compatibility Png, jpg, pdf vector files & .opx source files Layered files in psd format/svg vector file type Jpeg, png, gif & up-to-date android OS versions

Consider the user interface & ease of use. Some apps are better for pros with complex features, while others are better for beginners. Try the free versions before buying the full version. Read reviews from other users online to decide which app is best. Finding the right digital art app can enhance one’s artistic expression & provide creative possibilities. Enjoy the process!

Pros and Cons

Exploring Digital Art Apps for Android Devices

When looking for digital art creation on Android, there are many apps to choose from. Each has its own set of pros and cons. The top five best digital art apps are: ArtFlow, Procreate Pocket, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Infinite Painter, and Sketchbook by Autodesk.

These apps may require an investment or subscription fee for advanced features but they offer professional-level capabilities typically found in PC-based software. It is important to consider how they support one’s preferred digital artwork style and flow.

I began my work on ArtFlow due to its smooth interface and simple tools. Now I use ProCreate and Autodesk Sketchbook too. The “best” digital art app depends on need, skill level, and aptitude with tech. Trying demo versions will help make informed decisions before investing time or money.

These top 5 digital art apps for Android will unleash creativity and make traditional painting seem outdated!


ArtFlow is the top digital art app for Android! Its intuitive interface makes it easy to transition from paper to digital. Plus, the variety of brushes and tools grant limitless creative possibilities. ArtFlow outperforms its competitors in performance and usability.

This app offers multiple layer support, the ability to save PSDs, and seamless integration with Dropbox. It also has a unique feature of customizing brush settings. ArtFlow’s responsive customer service is available around the clock. This service is reliable compared to other art apps.

ArtFlow stands out due to its consistent software updates, helpful features, proactive customer service, and customizable brushes. Many Android users have found success with this app. Jane Smith, an artist who had an injury, rejuvenated her talent using ArtFlow on her Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. She completed several commissioned projects without any issues.

Q: What is the best drawing app for Android devices?

A: There are many great drawing apps for Android devices, and the best one for you will depend on your needs. Some popular options include Ibis Paint X, Sketch, Artflow, Sketchbook, Infinite Painter, and Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Q: What are some of the best Android drawing apps?

A: Some of the best Android drawing apps include Ibis Paint X, Sketch, Artflow, Sketchbook, Infinite Painter, and Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Q: What are the 10 best drawing apps for Android devices?

A: The 10 best drawing apps for Android devices will depend on your needs and preferences, but some popular options include Ibis Paint X, Sketch, Artflow, Sketchbook, Infinite Painter, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Krita, Dotpict, Tayasui, and Paintastic.

Q: What is Ibis Paint X?

A: Ibis Paint X is one of the best drawing and painting apps for Android devices. It provides a wide range of features and tools, including layers, filters, and custom brushes. It’s also easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Q: Is Sketch a good drawing app for Android devices?

A: Yes, Sketch is a good drawing app for Android devices. It offers a streamlined and intuitive interface, a wide range of tools and features, and easy integration with other apps and devices.

Q: What is Artflow?

A: Artflow is a powerful painting and drawing app for Android devices. It offers a wide range of tools and features, including layers, custom brushes, and zoom and pan capabilities. It’s also easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Q: Is Sketchbook a good app for drawing and painting on Android devices?

A: Yes, Sketchbook is a good app for drawing and painting on Android devices. It offers a wide range of tools and features, including layers, custom brushes, and a wide variety of pencils and markers. It’s also easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Q: What is Infinite Painter?

A: Infinite Painter is a powerful drawing app that comes with a wide range of tools and features. It offers customizable brushes, layers, masks, and the ability to create timelapse videos of your work. It’s suitable for both beginners and professional artists.

Q: Is Adobe Illustrator Draw a good app for drawing on Android devices?

A: Yes, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a good app for drawing on Android devices. It allows you to create vector artwork with tools like pen, pencil, and marker. It’s also easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Q: What is Krita and is it available for Android devices?

A: Krita is a powerful drawing and painting app that’s available for desktop platforms like Windows and Mac OS, but it’s not currently available for Android devices.

Q: What is Tayasui and is it available for Android devices?

A: Tayasui is a popular drawing and painting app that’s available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a wide range of tools and features, including layers, brushes, and smudge and blur tools.